Cat Owners' Association of Western Australia (Inc)

Also known as COAWA

COAWA Judges

Mrs Annette Joesbury
3 Watson St,
Bassendean WA.6054
(08) 92793375
All Breeds


Mrs Christine Selby
36 Marine Tee,
Sorrento WA.6020
(08) 9447 2543
All Breeds


Mrs Brenda Fleming
All Breeds


Nancy Lowthe

All Breeds

I am a member Of The Cat Owners Association of Western Australia Inc. and an All Breeds Judge,

I have Judged Cat Shows in most States, in Australia.

For many years I have bred Siamese and Orientals and I still have a very strong interest in them. In the passed I have Bred Bengals. Also Imported one of the first Bengals into Western Australia also bred Perterbalds, Devon Rex, Pixie Bobs, and Maine Coons.

Born in Irland but I have lived in Western Australia for 53 years now, living on a lovely rural Property in Bakers Hill in the Avon Valley in WA.


Mrs Rosemary de Meur
11 Tankard Street
Northam 6401 WA
962 22371
Group 1 and 2 and companions


Ms Jillian Reed,
9b Princess Road ,
Westminster WA 6061, PH
0420 665 127



Helen Keeling
4 Portsea Place
Connolly 6027
Email 9300 1036
Group 3 and Companions


Mrs Valerie Pellegrini

(80) 94773074
Persian Type