Cat Owners' Association of Western Australia (Inc)

Also known as COAWA

Established in July 1992 COAWA is an incorporated cat registering and advisory body affiliated with The Australian Cat Federation Inc. (ACF)



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Neither ACF or CCCA recognise The Independent Cat Council (AICC) in any way. We do not accept their pedigrees and so COAWA will not register cats or kittens from this organisation.

COAWA provides all services related to the registration of pedigree cats and provides the opportunity to meet and interact with other breeders, owners and other cat lovers.  COAWA also register Companion cats which are non-pedigree or desexed pedigree cats.

COAWA Affiliated clubs organise regular cat shows which showcase a huge range of cat breeds including kittens, adult cats and companion (or domestic) cats.

COAWA has six affiliated cat clubs, a panel of experienced judges including three all breeds judges and seven sectional judges.


This statement applies to user interactions with the Cat COAWA provides all services related to the registration of pedigree cats and provides the opportunity to meet and interact with other breeders, owners and other cat lovers. We provide certified pedigrees which, together with our cats and kittens, are accepted both by overseas and interstate registering bodies, Our breeders operate under our Code of Ethics and our Breeding Rules and kittens bought from these breeders are registered.


From the beginning COAWA has opened its membership to owners of non-pedigree or pedigree desexed pet cats. Owners can record their pets in our Companion Cat Register and enter them for competition in their own Companion Cat Shows or in special sections at Pedigree Cat shows.

Pets may earn a companion cat title and this has proved an excellent way to promote better owner responsibility and the desexing of pets


Members of affiliated clubs stage a number of Championship and Companion Cat Shows each year as well as seminars and workshops. They also organise and participate in the Cat Sections of the Perth Royal Show and the Osborne Park Agricultural Show.


COAWA's Administrative Committee (AdCom) consists of an elected Delegate from each Club and three independent representatives elected a the AGM. Committee members may serve for 3 consecutive years after which they must stand down for one year before becoming eligible for re-election. AdCom meets monthly and all members are welcome to attend these meeting as observers. The Annual General Meeting is held in December.


Our office is situated at 8 Patterson Avenue in the Claremont Showgrounds (within sight of the Davis Pavilion) and is open Monday, Wednesday and Friday between 10am and 2pm. If you wish to visit the office could you ring ahead. We are happy to help with your enquiries.

If you require further information about COAWA or general advice about cats please call the office where your enquiries will be treated with courtesy and understanding.

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